The iPhone 4 or iOS 4 has the ability to merge multiple e-mail addresses into one inbox. No more clicking from box to box for you, my friend! Save some time and energy by setting up multiple account on your phone. This clip will show you exactly how it is done and get you up and running.

If, during set-up of your iPhone 4S, you chose the option of automatically syncing the e-mail accounts on your computer with your iPhone, your e-mail accounts should be configured on your iPhone already. If you don’t want to sync the e-mail accounts on your computer, you can set up an e-mail account on your iPhone manually. How to Setup a Used iPhone or iPad - Jul 30, 2018 Set up iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Use the latest version of iOS. Make sure that your device is running the latest version of iOS. Go to … [Solved] How to Factory Reset iPhone 4/4s with iTunes Make sure that you have backed up all your essential data or have stored it in some other device. Now here is how to factory reset iPhone 4/4s with iTunes. Step 1: Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer and launch it. Then connect your iPhone 4/4s with it …

How to Set Up Free Find My iPhone on iPhone 4/iPod Touch

Setting up your new iPhone has never been this easy. Jason Cipriani/CNET What you need. You'll need two iPhones -- your old one and the new one you're setting up -- both running iOS 12.4, and ios - How to set up Xcode 9 for iphone 4 and iphone 4s To work with iPhone 4S with Xcode 9, you need to set Deployment Target for your build (TARGET) below iOS 9.0. Follow these steps to work with iPhone 4S with Xcode 9: Select your Project (Root) >> TARGET >> Tab 'General' Set 'Deployment Target' to 8.4. Now open Simulator List, You can see, iPhone … How to transfer data from your old phone to your new iPhone

Apple iPhone SE Setting it up - Team Knowhow

There is no doubt that the 10th anniversary iPhone – iPhone 8 will be a massive update. In iOS 11, Apple introduced a new Automatic Setup feature, which makes the process to set up iPhone 8 a bit different from how you set up a new iPhone in iOS 10 or earlier iOS version. How to Set up Facebook Account on iPad/iPhone– iMobie Inc. Apr 22, 2020 How to set up call forwarding on iPhone Dec 05, 2018