The internet speed is rather the allocated bandwidth you applied for. When we say bandwidth, it is the amount of data sent to you by your ISP and it is typically measured in seconds. For instance, 10mbps means you are receiving 10 megabytes per second.

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This Cox internet plan offers a max speed of 10Mbps in select areas. This is a plan price for Internet only. This is a service agreement plan, pricing is for 12 months. This specific speed may not be available at your address. To confirm service availability, call the number listed.

May 27, 2018

A higher download speed means that you can watch higher-quality video, and download large files more quickly. Typically, internet connections are formatted with download speeds first, and upload speeds second. Therefore, a 100/10 Mbps connection would provide a 100 Mbps download speed, and a 10 Mbps upload speed.

Is 10Mbps Internet fast enough? - Fluther 10Mbps is astonishingly fast, I have it. I can download 4 anime episodes while playing Modern Warfare 3 with no problems what so ever. I have at times downloaded 10 episodes while playing Battlefield 3 with no problems, but that is the highest and 10 episodes are smaller than seasons worth of downloading so you have to do upload and download math to get a feel for what your bandwidth can handle…