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Juniper Networks - Networking & Cybersecurity Solutions The world’s most innovative companies look to Juniper to connect their business. More Customers. Explore the Network. Enterprise at Home. Get AI-driven insights into user experiences at home and remote offices. See the solution. Multivendor Interoperability. SDN Controller Testing. Downloads - Juniper Networks Find a Product. Start typing a product name to find Software Downloads for that product. Juniper VPN Instructions (Windows 64-bit) — Hunter College Installation and usage instructions for Juniper Network Connect VPN software on a Windows 64-bit system If you are using a 64 bit version of the Windows Operating System, you will need to download the Juniper VPN client NCInst64.exe file from the download page. *Note: Make sure you download the Juniper Network Connect VPN | Mad Scientist

Network Connect is a software package from Juniper Networks that interfaces with its Secure Access hardware and provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. About (from Juniper Networks) The Network Connect (NC) provides a clientless VPN user experience, serving as an additional remote access mechanism to corporate resources using an IVE

Juniper network connect quit working after upgrading to Sep 03, 2017 Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN Client Windows Quick Juniper Network Connect SSL VPN Client Windows Quick Reference Guide for Avaya Employees For Avaya Remote Access (ARA) Service – SSL VPN Version 1.2

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More details in attached PDF. BTW, same VPN profile can be used on Apple Mac computer, at least on MacBook Pro, with ElCapitan OS X (what I tested). . In short, you do not need now any 3rd party VPN client on your Mac and/or iOS iPhone/iPad (v9.x), if you want to establish IPSec VPN connection with Juniper SRX device. Marcony Juniper Network Connect. Now, let's download Juniper Network Connect. To do that, connect to your VPN web portal and complete the installation process. As the Java version installed in our browser (64 bit) won't be compatible, it will fail to start the VPN client. But it will be fine because this process will install the client. Configuration