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The above error in three-way handshake leads to TCP Split Handshake Attack where Firewall will be confused to find the actual server and client. As a result, firewall thinks like B is the client (where in reality A is the client and requested connection) and it may lead to a security vulnerability. Tips & Tricks: TCP Split Handshake Drop Feb 07, 2019 TCP Split Handshake: The (Never)ending Story… – … May 12, 2011 TCP.Split.Handshake - Should I block it? | Fortinet Jan 25, 2016

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TCP Split Handshake Attack - LogMeIn Community TCP Split Handshake Attacks appearing in my Fortinet Log. Any ideas about if this is a problem with GOTOMYPC or just a result of the way the remote access works. ‎04-16-2017 09:42 PM Todo es seguro ~~: TCP Split Handshake

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The TCP Split Handshake: Practical Effects on Modern TCP handshake was expanded to a "five way" sequence of packets, illustrated in Fig. 4. Figure 4. The Five Step TCP Split-Handshake This handshake differs rather radically from the proscribed behavior in RFC 793, Section 3.4, and the effects of this are potentially profound in modern networks. The server never Constant TCP.Split.Handshake attack? - IT Security