What ports are required for Tenable products?

We had expected UDP to be much better. But on a high speed, low latency network, the two are identical. That is why we decided to tweak the network to see if the end-user experience would be affected with UDP or with TCP protocol. Second experiment: UDP vs TCP on 15% packet loss network How to open a udp port in windows 10 - Microsoft Community Jun 14, 2018 Overview of common TCP and UDP Default Ports Overview of common TCP and UDP default ports. TCP is the abbreviation of "Transfer Control Protocol" whereas UDP is the abbreviation of "User Datagram Protocol". TCP and UDP are both the main protocols which are used during the Transport layer of a TCP/IP Model. Both of these protocols are involved in the process of transmission of data.

May 27, 2020

TCP/UDP. Port Number. Description. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) (RFC 959) TCP. 20/21. FTP is one of the most commonly used file transfer protocols on the Internet and within private networks. An FTP server can easily be set up with little networking knowledge and provides the ability to easily relocate files from one system to another. Ports Used for Call of Duty Games - Activision

Ports Used for Call of Duty Games - Activision

TCP and UDP Port Usage Guide for Cisco Unified This chapter provides a list of the TCP and UDP ports that Cisco Unified Communications Manager release 9.0(1) uses for intracluster connections and for communication with external applications or devices. You will also find important information for the configuration of firewalls, Access Control Lists (ACLs), and quality of service (QoS) on a Difference Between TCP and UDP (with Comparison Chart